Idag är Lina 58 dagar gravid, en oj vilken mage hon har, Tomtebolyckans Lina and pappa Lab Adventure’s Albus Drumbledore ”Dumle”  kommer få svarta och bruna valpar omkring den 22 december 2017.


lina site

Lab Adventure’s Albus Drumbledore             ❤                     Tomtebolyckans Lina

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Lina is growing a lot :o

Lina zwanger 6,5 wkLina zwngr 6,5 wk

Our girl Lina on her 45th day of her pregnancy (6,5 wk) So she will become a little bigger i think 😉 i am curious how many black beautys and brownies she is carrying :). Wel i yust have to be a bit more passient before we know. Delivery date is arround the 22th of dec. Dad is Lab Adventure´s Albus Dumbledore ❤


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We are expecting Brown and Black puppy’s

Dumle en Lina verwachten pups

Yesterday the ultra sound on Lina showed that she is carrying puppy’s it will be a brown and black litter. They will be born arround the 22th december ❤

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Happy 13th and 10th birthday Strömmer, Haley, Dobbel, Nora, Rona, Birk and Britta <3

Offcourse live isnt going smooth anymore bud he still loves his rounds even that it takes a bit more time Dearest Strömmer still happy whit his young expression, Haley is also 13 years now and doing rather well, still doing some small apporting bud only to have fun. Sadly we dont have Dobbel and Ronja with us anymore and i don’t know how Diesel is doing bud they aren’t forgotten <3. The other litter is having there birthday today so big bones in the house 😉 So Birk, Nora, Rona and Britta lets hope you getting spoild too today, Kajsa is missed bud not forgotten ❤



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Happy 4 years birthday Max Oskar Leo Loke Zebbe Boss Emil Fabbe Lisa och Lina 😙❤💋


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These noughty once allready 4 years today! How time flies 🙂 Hope they all had a wonderfull day well ofcourse i hope all of theire days are wonderfull and spoild with lots of love <3.


Fabbe and Emil


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Happy 5th birhtday Alice, Ninja, Ditte, Sigge, Alonzo, Bamse, Bruno o Kati!

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Can’t imagine that they are allready 5 years old ❤ Now we started to make plans for a kennelmeeting.

Hope you all are being spoild a little extra today ❤

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O my it has been quit a long time ago i made an uppdate on het site……

Soon Kati and her siblings are having there 5th birthday time flies!

Last weekend i have been to show with Skrålland and she became on friday 3th in junior klass and on friday she won her klass. So now i have to became a little more active in showing her maby ;)…

Sadly enough Lina was empty so no puppies this year, hopefuly in the beginning of next year. Planning a kennelmeeting with some activities in september. A little trip to my parents in the Netherlands 🙂




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Happy Birthday litter 2011-04-16 and litter 2016-04-16 <3

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Toay we celebrate 2 litters! The first one is the first litter from Britta and her kids are having there sixth birthday, the other litter is Britta’s daugther Kati’s first litter, Kati is from Britta’s second litter 🙂 and they are having there first birthday today :).  On friday we had a visit from Buddha and yes he is from Britta’s first litter so he have played with his mom and with Skrållan our youngest who will be 1 today :). So offcourse we are gratulating both litters. Sadly Kelly has past away a few weeks ago from a illniss in the liver and sadly also a little boy Caesar who didnt made it because of problems with his frontlegs. Moms Britta and Kati and sis Skrållan are gratulating all of you and hoping that you all are being spoild rotten ❤ Lots of love from us <3.



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Strömmer & Birk


This are Strömmer (12) and Birk (9) and they are living in the Netherlands, they are from my first and second litter in the Netherlands. So nice to see them having fun in the water and in the snow. The film in the snow was a bit too far away so i dont post it here. Yust love those grey faces <3.


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This is Nora she is a doughter from Ronja and she is 9 years young. She is living in the Netherlands and still going strong! She has done several huntingtest and now she will compete in a senior huntingtest. She still likes to work for dad Eus! She is looking fine and so sweet the grey snout ❤ Thanks for the nice pictures and uppdate on your little girl ❤

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