What a week…..

Now it is a week ago we had to take the decision to let Britta go over the rainbow bridge, offcourse we are missing her a lot and, well looking after her hasn’t stopped. She was the first who got her own walk, the first who got her food and so on, so yes i still fill her bowl and when i fill the second bowl i think o yes again…. i know this will become better.

It was a heavy week last monday i had to drive quickly to Danmark to breed our Maja with Jovi, and well yes when i came home on tuesday to take that disicion. Now we will wait until we can take a ultra sound to see if Maja is expecting little monsters 😉


Freya our youngest is now 14 months and when she got her heat, the other girls must have thought well why wont we follow her……… and yes they thid so all four girls in heat…. Can you imagine what it was for our to boys So now that’s finaly over every body can relax a little and find time to mourn our girl Britta ❤

Om Tomtebolyckans Kennel

hej, in 2008 we moved from the Nehterlands to Sweden, we live out in the country and we breed on a small base Labrador Retrievers.
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