Om Tomtebolyckans

hej, i am Petra Houba-Dubois we have moved now 4 years ago from the Netherlands to Sweden. We live in the countryside and have an acre to let the dogs run and play. We also can go directly into the woods and well as you can understand the dogs like that very much.

I grew up with dogs when i was young and well than it is easy when you have your own place that there has to come a dog in the house. We choose to take a labrador, we wanted at first 2 males two blond ones, bud in the litter was only one male so we took a male and bitch instead. We started to train them, agility and hunt training, after a year we heard that there was a black litter with our breeder, so we decided to take a black male home. After some years i wanted to have a brown bitch, and i took her from Sweden, because at that time there has became a hype with brown labs in the Netherlands because of a reclamfilm. I wanted to start breeding with this girl, bud too badly she had cataract a eye disease. So we took another bitch from Sweden and with her we started breeding. Every now and then we take a litter it doesn’t mean we have each year a litter.

At the moment we have 5 girls, the ages are right now (2011-10-28) 11,9,7 and 2 from 4 years old. We ar now looking for a nice male, who i want to import from the Netherlands or in the surroundings from the Netherlands.

I am now thinking about a new litter next year iff we can find a right male to our bitch.

Hope you like to look arround my homepage.


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  1. Lotta o Jörgen Larsson skriver:

    Så otroligt fina valparna är!



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