What a week…..

Now it is a week ago we had to take the decision to let Britta go over the rainbow bridge, offcourse we are missing her a lot and, well looking after her hasn’t stopped. She was the first who got her own walk, the first who got her food and so on, so yes i still fill her bowl and when i fill the second bowl i think o yes again…. i know this will become better.

It was a heavy week last monday i had to drive quickly to Danmark to breed our Maja with Jovi, and well yes when i came home on tuesday to take that disicion. Now we will wait until we can take a ultra sound to see if Maja is expecting little monsters 😉


Freya our youngest is now 14 months and when she got her heat, the other girls must have thought well why wont we follow her……… and yes they thid so all four girls in heat…. Can you imagine what it was for our to boys So now that’s finaly over every body can relax a little and find time to mourn our girl Britta ❤

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Dear Britta 2007-11-17 💔 2021-11-09

Today was the day, we don’t want to Come ever. Even that she had reached a great age, you always want to keep them a lot longer with you. Thanks for everything Brittje, our Brown bear ❤, you have left you’re footprints on our ❤.

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Fabbe & Emil grattar sina syskon Max, Oskar, Leo, Loke, Zebbe, Boss & Lisa med deras 8e födelsedag ❤️

8 years today, hope all are doing fine.

Fabbe is still going strong, but Emil has problems with his thyroid, so we have started medication for him and noe after 3 weeks we are seeing progress, we will now check his values in a week again to see if the medication needs to be adjusted. Hope all others are doing fine and that you are being spoilt rotten 🥰❤

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Happy 3rd birthday to Walter, Björne, Keksi, Ludvig, Haddock, Shiva, Bonnie and Maja 🥰🦴

Already 3 years young ❤ Ludvig was on a show in Norway today and he got an excellent ❤ Great komment.

Hope you all have been spoild rotten today🥰

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Happy 9th birthday Alice, Ninja, Ditte❤️, Sigge, Alonzo, Bamse, Bruno och Kati.

O my gosh i really cannot believe that they are 9 years old today, Kati who still is living with us is behaving like a 6 years old. Well offcourse she is becomming a little grey around the nose but she still knows what she wants and likes to run in the forest.

Sorry to say i didn’t find pictures of all of them, but i know you all will be spoild rotten today ❤

Ludvig got his first CERT and BIR yesterday on the show in Norway, proud owners offcours, and offourse i am very proud of this boy too <3, Today show was a first place too but no CERT. Great jobb to you both.

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Happy 10th and 5th birthday🥰❤

Happy Birthday Ove, Buddha, Sam, Cooper, Eila❤, Kelly❤, Stella❤, Iza❤ and Gaia 10 years today. ❤🥰

Mamma Britta is so very proud of her first litter. Wishing all puppies a beautifull Day and that you have been spoild rotten ( a bit more than usually 😉)

And Happy Birtday Skrållan, Elsa, Jack, Zero, Leo, Ninja, Caisy, Sessan 5 years today❤🥰.

And offcourse Granny Britta and mommy Kati is gratulating this bunch of puppies also 🥰, Sister Skrållan had taken a mudbath så she is having a good smell now 🥰🤣❤

Have a lovely weekend all 🥰

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Presenting our newest member in the family

Farbourne’s Dolly Parton i call her Freya

Big thanks to Anja & Joop Verbeek Farbourne kennel to trust me with this gorgues noughty one

Because she is born in the Netherlands she was not allowed to move to me in Sweden with 8 weeks, because of the rabiës vaccination. She spend the time in between with my friend Elseline and she has taken care of her from 9 weeks to 15 weeks when i went to get her. She is growing tooooo fast but well doesn’t all puppys do, she is changing teeth and she is having a real mind of her own. She blands in fine with the rest of the group, and she is offcourse exploring her boundries. She has explored her first snow which she obvisiously likes and yes she is going to like mudpools too, well that means she is fitting in here perfectly. It is so nice to have a yellow lab again after several years without. Here some picutre’s to see how she has been growing ❤

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Happy 3th birthday Rio,Bruno, Zemlan, Flora, Luna, Nova, Siri, Disa och Dexter 🥰❤

Unbelievable already 3 years old. Hopefully you all have had a wonderful day with nice long walks and lots of treats and love 🥰😍🤩😘

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Happy Birthday Nora, Rona & Britta 13 years today

Those girls have reached the great age of 13 today, and offcourse all of them have som issues as grand old ladys may have.

Lets hope they will be spoild even more because of this great age, and that we can enjoy them a while longer.

Here som new pictuers from Britta & Nora

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Fabbe & Emil grattar sina syskon Max, Oskar, Leo, Loke, Zebbe, Boss & Lisa med deras 7e födelsedag ❤️

Happy birthday to you all, and offcourse you will b spoild rotten, extra lång walks maby swimming and offcourse a birthday bone 🥰

Offcourse the rest of the gang is singing to you all too 🥰

Maja, Fabbe, Emil, Britta, Skrållan and Kati.

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