Presenting our newest member in the family

Farbourne’s Dolly Parton i call her Freya

Big thanks to Anja & Joop Verbeek Farbourne kennel to trust me with this gorgues noughty one

Because she is born in the Netherlands she was not allowed to move to me in Sweden with 8 weeks, because of the rabiës vaccination. She spend the time in between with my friend Elseline and she has taken care of her from 9 weeks to 15 weeks when i went to get her. She is growing tooooo fast but well doesn’t all puppys do, she is changing teeth and she is having a real mind of her own. She blands in fine with the rest of the group, and she is offcourse exploring her boundries. She has explored her first snow which she obvisiously likes and yes she is going to like mudpools too, well that means she is fitting in here perfectly. It is so nice to have a yellow lab again after several years without. Here some picutre’s to see how she has been growing ❤

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Happy 3th birthday Rio,Bruno, Zemlan, Flora, Luna, Nova, Siri, Disa och Dexter 🥰❤

Unbelievable already 3 years old. Hopefully you all have had a wonderful day with nice long walks and lots of treats and love 🥰😍🤩😘

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Happy Birthday Nora, Rona & Britta 13 years today

Those girls have reached the great age of 13 today, and offcourse all of them have som issues as grand old ladys may have.

Lets hope they will be spoild even more because of this great age, and that we can enjoy them a while longer.

Here som new pictuers from Britta & Nora

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Fabbe & Emil grattar sina syskon Max, Oskar, Leo, Loke, Zebbe, Boss & Lisa med deras 7e födelsedag ❤️

Happy birthday to you all, and offcourse you will b spoild rotten, extra lång walks maby swimming and offcourse a birthday bone 🥰

Offcourse the rest of the gang is singing to you all too 🥰

Maja, Fabbe, Emil, Britta, Skrållan and Kati.

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Happy 2nd birthday to Walter, Björne, Keksi, Ludvig, Haddock, Shiva, Bonnie and Maja 🥰🦴

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Those rascalls already 2 years today🥰, it still feels like Maja is still a little puppy ha ha ha, wel i don’t think she will ever grow up 🤪

Received some photos from Julia, all others are on Insta and FB exept a few i hope they will send some new pictures too, always so lovely to see how they are developing. Ludvig who is living in Norway, is going to shows and they have been to a trainingcamp for apportering so nice. Walter has now a new owner and they are having a good time together. Hope you all are going to be spoiled rotten today😍

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Happy 8th birthday Alice, Ninja, Ditte❤️, Sigge, Alonzo, Bamse, Bruno och Kati.

Wel now these small brownies has became 8 years old, i was kinda chocked when i found out, i really thougth they became 7 years🤪 ……. But no already 8 🥰. Made a picture today from Kati and i think she still looks smashing 🤩.

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Happy 9th and 4th birtday

Happy Birthday Ove, Buddha, Sam, Cooper, Eila<3, Kelly<3, Stella<3, Iza<3 and Gaia nine years today.

Happy Birtday Skrållan, Elsa, Jack, Zero, Leo, Ninja, Caisy, Sessan 4 years today.

Time flies, as you all can understand there will not be a kennelmeeting in may this year, we will see how it looks in August maby we can have it than if all is under controll with covid-19.

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Tack för alt intresse i Walter.

Han har nu hittat en annan familj ❤

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Happy New year

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Merry Christmas and a happy new year

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