Cello’s and Kati’s puppies

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Time is going so quick, they are allready 1 week old!

The brownies are growing so much and doing just fine, now they have doublet there birthweigh! Soon they will be opening there eyes and ears, and will be giving mom a bit more work 😉

with interest you can mail tomtebolyckans@gmail.com or ring me +46 070 68 58 449 here are some pictures from the last week!

Vad tiden går, de är redan en vecka och de har dubblat sin födelsevikt nu. Snart kommer deras ögon och öronen öppnas och ja då har mamma Kati lite mer att göra 🙂 Här kommer lite bilder från den här veckan!



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Choclate bolls arrived

Now Dark Water’s Heartland Dolcetto ”Cello”    and Tomtebolyckans Kati’s puppies has arrived. 

5 males and 3 bitches, mom and kids are doing yust fine !




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Kati’s puppymage


Ja då ser man hur hon växer ❤ Det är fortfarande 2 veckor kvar innan hennes och Cello’s små liv kommer till världen, men oj vad jag redan tror att hon är en tjockis…

Hon har det ganska tufft nu i värmen, men på andra hand vem har det inte ;)! 

Well here you can see how she has been growing <3, and still she has 2 more weeks to go before Cello’s and Kati’s puppys will come to this world, allready quit a big stomach 😉

Offcourse it is not easy for her in this warmth, she is doing fine<3

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Dark Water’s Heartland Dolcetto ”Cello” and Tomtebolyckans Kati are expecting puppies <3

                                 These two beautys have had a love affaire 🙂

So they are now excpecting some brown choclateprallines.

They will be born around the 23th of august, both parents love to work, this will make the puppies great for working, not only in hunting bud also obedience, agility, tracking and other activities. With interest you can send a mail to tomtebolyckans@gmail.com or contact me by phone +46 706858449


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Happy 6th birhtday Alice, Ninja, Ditte, Sigge, Alonzo, Bamse, Bruno o Kati!



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Allready 6 years old, time is flying by too fast! I almost forgot their birthday, and wel yes a bit because of the heat, bud also thinking about Kati, yes also a birthday girl bud she is having a bit problems now with the warmt she is carrying puppies, and her stomach is growing allready :O i will fix a nice photo from the parents to be.

I hope all the dogs have had a nice swim today, and offcourse something nice to eat. I hope also that everybody is conscidering the dangers of this warmt weather right now.

Only walks in the early morning and evening, no excerise, trainings and so on. Don’t go biking with the dogs, no long walks, don’t give them ice cubes their body is working in another way than ours, it is not cooling down bud it will start working to heat up again.  Leave the dogs home when you are going to do shopping, Don’t let the dogs in the car not even for a minute, don’t let them walk on the asfalt or the pavement. Don’t trow cold water over them or a wet towel. Put the towel on ther belly and some water over their paws.

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Dark Water’s Heartland Dolcetto



Tomtebolyckans Kati

Have matet, so now we have to wait a few weeks before we can do an ultra sound on     Kati to see if she will get some brown choclate pralines. Pictures and more info will follow.

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Yust some pictures from beautifull puppies ❤

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Happy Birthday litter 2011-04-16 and litter 2016-04-16!


Allready 7 and 2 years old those two litters! Cooper, buddha, Ove, Sam, Eila, Stella, Iza and Gaia, Kelly is still in our thoughts bud she lost the fight against a liver illnes these are allready 7 years old, this is also my first litter in Sweden  :).  Cecilia we have to make a collection about all the birthdayfilms you made from Cooper to see how he has grown till now, i just love those <3.


And two years ago we got also another litter on this date, Ceasar, Zero, Ghandi, Jack, Caisy, Elsa, Wenche, Sessan och Skrållan <3.

Linas valparna är nu snart 4 månader och ja de börjar nu byta tänder och de växer som det knakar :), jag måste nu komma igång med träffen  eller hur…….




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So quiet

Now all the small onces have moved out to there new owners, its never easy to see them go bud, it feels good when you see the happy faces from the new families. So now i hope they all will keep me posted how they are growing, and yust now i am getting nice pictures and uppdates 🙂 Soon i will be starting thinking about a kennelmeeting probably at the end of may. So maby you all can keep some weekends free for this in may 😉

Here some nice pictures i reveived from the families <3<3<3

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Almost 8 weeks

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Nu närmar det sig att de ska flytta till sina nya ägare, oj det kommer bli såååå tomt i huset…… även om jag har 6 stora kvar 😉 På tisdag blir det vaccination och chippning och hälsokontroll hos vetten! På onsdag kommer den första flyttar ut det kommer bli spännande för både valpisanar nya hussar och mattar och visst mamman och oss. Jag kan tänka mig att ni räknar ner tiderna inför hämtningar

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