Månadsarkiv: november 2015


Now we finaly know what is causing Kajsa’s bad condition in coat, and that she came on in weight and the last 3 urinary infections with blood in it and a more lazy girl. The vet made a total controll … Fortsätt läsa

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Happy 8th Birthday Birk, Nora, Rona, Kajsa & Britta!

Today these nice onces having there 8th birthday! These are the kids from Ronja who became 11. Hope they all ar doing fine, and offcourse that they are beign spoild as well 😉 Well theres no doubt about it  i … Fortsätt läsa

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Happy 11th birthday Dobbel <3, Strömmer, Diesel, Haley en Ronja!

How time flies, allready 11 years, my thought go especially to Dobbel and his fam, because he has gone over the rainbow and is now playing with his mom Ida <3, I am sure they keep an eye on us … Fortsätt läsa

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