Happy 13th and 10th birthday Strömmer, Haley, Dobbel, Nora, Rona, Birk and Britta <3

Offcourse live isnt going smooth anymore bud he still loves his rounds even that it takes a bit more time Dearest Strömmer still happy whit his young expression, Haley is also 13 years now and doing rather well, still doing some small apporting bud only to have fun. Sadly we dont have Dobbel and Ronja with us anymore and i don’t know how Diesel is doing bud they aren’t forgotten <3. The other litter is having there birthday today so big bones in the house 😉 So Birk, Nora, Rona and Britta lets hope you getting spoild too today, Kajsa is missed bud not forgotten ❤



Om Tomtebolyckans Kennel

hej, in 2008 we moved from the Nehterlands to Sweden, we live out in the country and we breed on a small base Labrador Retrievers.
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