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Having fun on the grass <3

One more film from yesterdays adventure on the grass. Today i have cut there nails and dewormed them. Tommorow i will get some help with taking som nice pictures from the small huliganer so if they will be good i … Läs mer

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Puppy´s Hunting mamma on the grass :-p

Now we had a weekend filled upp with puppy visitors, busy bud nice to have a lot of visitors. The other dogs are now totaly tired and worn out 🙄 We also had visit from a puppybuyer from our first … Läs mer

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Puppy’s on the swing🐾🐾🙃

Now the puppy’s have a new toy, a swing Well you can yudge for yourselves if they like to play with it 😋. It is a bit colder today so just a little playtime outside, we will see if the … Läs mer

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Puppies, puppies, puppies ….

Hmm again a little film from the terror puppies 😉 now they screem out lout when another crocodile bites in the tales or ears, i promise you it doesnt sound so nice aj aj aj. Bud mamma Kati jumps every … Läs mer

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First time playing in the water, eeeh peeing in the water ………

Today it was rather warm, so we thought to fill the puppypool, so if they wanted they could explore it. It was soooo exciting some of them liked it some thougt it was scary and yes some were peeing in … Läs mer

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Not crocodile 🐊, bud piranhas 🐟

Oh my what the start biting in eachother and ofcourse everybody and everything they see little monsters they are 😂. I made a lot of films Benjamin so I will try to lay out the best once 😜. Starting with … Läs mer

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Krokodiles 🐊🐾

Now there teeth has grown and we’ll they have to explore how to use them 🐊. And ofcourse our hands, feet and toe are the things they like the most to take a bite in 🐶. Bud you know it … Läs mer

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First time out ☀️

This evening we took the small once out for a little while, During the day it was too hot 🔥in the ☀️. Offcourse they were excited Bud it went quit well! If the weather allows it we give it a … Läs mer

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Time is flying by, already 3 weeks 🐾

En valp kvar till den rätta familjen! Today they had eaten again and no now they didn’t hasetate to eat there meat 😋, so from tomorrow i will start to give a wislesignal when i give them there food. This … Läs mer

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Brownies first meal 😊

Today they have tasted a little bit of meat. As you can hear were they very excited water was going on. Some loved it and some didn’t dare so much. From now on they get once a day some food … Läs mer

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