Happy 11th and 6th birthday🥰❤

Happy Birthday Ove, Buddha, Sam, Cooper, Eila❤, Kelly❤, Stella❤, Iza❤ and Gaia 11 years today. ❤🥰 Not all of you are still among us but never forgotten and always in our hearts. Hope you are all enyoing this day ❤️🥰

Not sure if this link will work,a little Birthday cake for Cooper 🥰❤️ https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10158606188847196&id=738367195

And Happy Birtday Skrållan, Elsa, Jack, Zero, Leo, Ninja, Caisy, Sessan 6 years today❤ time is realy going to fast, hope you all had a lovely day too🥰❤️

Om Tomtebolyckans Kennel

hej, in 2008 we moved from the Nehterlands to Sweden, we live out in the country and we breed on a small base Labrador Retrievers.
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