Happy 9th birthday Alice, Ninja, Ditte❤️, Sigge, Alonzo, Bamse, Bruno och Kati.

O my gosh i really cannot believe that they are 9 years old today, Kati who still is living with us is behaving like a 6 years old. Well offcourse she is becomming a little grey around the nose but she still knows what she wants and likes to run in the forest.

Sorry to say i didn’t find pictures of all of them, but i know you all will be spoild rotten today ❤

Ludvig got his first CERT and BIR yesterday on the show in Norway, proud owners offcours, and offourse i am very proud of this boy too <3, Today show was a first place too but no CERT. Great jobb to you both.

Om Tomtebolyckans Kennel

hej, in 2008 we moved from the Nehterlands to Sweden, we live out in the country and we breed on a small base Labrador Retrievers.
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