1a dogshow for Zero, Caesar, Jack, Elsa and SkrĂ„llan đŸ˜†

Yesterday we went for our first dogshow OK ok it was SkrĂ„llan som second bud for the others it was there first at age of 4.5 month. It was very exciting for the moms and dad ofcourse I tried to explain before how to train and what to expect it still was exciting. They were the youngest once. Zero from Linus and Malou became 3rd and Jack from Katrin and Jonathan became 4th no placement for Caesar from Johanna and Johan bud just wait and see next time 🙄. The girls Elsa from Anna and Martin no placement this time and SkrĂ„llan became 4th. I think the virus has come now to start showing for some of them 😆. Let’s see if for it can put some film and pictures here. Afterwards we went to Falkenbergs Skreastrand to fool around and swim and some grillning. Thank for this nice day you’re best 😙

Om Tomtebolyckans Kennel

hej, in 2008 we moved from the Nehterlands to Sweden, we live out in the country and we breed on a small base Labrador Retrievers.
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